Product Description REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy utilizes
an electro magnetic energy cell to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™, a
friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity. This air purifying
plasma is propelled into the HVAC duct or plenum by a silent plasma
propulsion module that has no moving parts, yet propels the plasma at 2
cfm. This provides for fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis. The
purifying plasma will be propelled through the ducts whether the fan or
blower is on or not. This permits a hardwire 110 volt plug-in installation that
lets the REME run 24/7 without wiring to the fan/blower circuit. .

Specifications Installation: Installed in HVAC duct, plenum Electrical: 110-
220 VAC 50/60Hz REME-HVAC-305-HO: 6,500 to 10,000 CFM 23 watts
REME-HVAC-305HVAC: 1,000 to 6,500 CFM 14 watts
Air Knight REME HVAC cell
These two options, Air Knight and Guardian, are the ultimate in air purification. Not a cleaner, but a Purifier! Watch the video from the button above, and learn what they are all about. Want a fresh smelling house? Check it out. Amazing!
Guardian Air HVAC cell
Product Description The Guardian Air by RGF® is designed to eliminate
sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs
(chemical odors), smoke, mold bacteria and viruses*. The HVAC-PHI
Cells are easily mounted into air conditioning and heating systems air
ducts where most sick building problems start. When the HVAC system
is in operation the HVAC-PHI Cell creates an Advanced Oxidation
Process consisting of: Hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide
ions. All are friendly oxidizers. By friendly oxidizers we mean oxidizers
that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the

Specifications HVAC-PHI-118-GA-VSF: 300 to 1,200 CFM 13.3 watts
HVAC-PHI-212-GA: 1,000 to 6,500 CFM 13.3 watts HVAC-PHI-212HO-
GA: 6,500 to 10,000 CFM 21.6 watts HVAC-PHI-357-GA: 10,000 to
18,000 CFM 19.2 watts HVAC-PHI-357HO-GA: 18,000 to 26,000 CFM
32.4 watts
Smart Saber UV Duct Purifer The Next Generation in UV Lights
by Sanuvox

A 2.7" by 1.8" backlit LCD screen
Visual moving segment display indicating that the unit is functioning
Countdown timer indicating the remaining lamp life in days
Bar graph countdown for every 45 days of operation
Change lamp indicator 45 days prior to lamp change
Flashing lamp change indicator when it is time to change lamp
Reset button when lamp is changed
Lamp fail indication
Indent on outside of cover for private branding
Second lamp included with each unit

Description: 16" 120V in Duct Object UV Purifier w/LCD Screen
Goodman Electronic Air Cleaner
The Goodman high-effiency electronic air cleaner is designed to remove
contaminants down to 0.01 micron. The GSAS series helps protect and
prolong the operating effiency of the heating and cooling equipment.
Standard features include:
2 Aluminum mesh Pre filters
activated carbon filters for odors
Aluminum collecting cells
air proving switch to cycle with system
indicator lights for high voltage and porformance
variable resistor (potentiometer) to adjust high voltage output
heavy gauge steel cabinet
powder coat paint
Electronic Air Cleaner CFM: 2,000;
Duct Size: 20" x 25";
Source-1 Electronic Air Cleaner

Removes airborne pollutants down to .001 micron
Carbon filter that removes gaseous odors
Dual indicator lights
Electronic air proving switch automatically powers the unit during the
operational cycles
120V, single-phase, 60Hz
Quiet operation

CFM: 1,400; Description: Grill Mount Electronic Air Cleaner; Duct
Size: 29-1/8" x 22";
Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner With UV Light and PCO Filter

99.97% efficient at removing particles down to 0.3 micron
Carbon pre-filter protects the HEPA filter while removing odors, lint, hair and
larger particles
Two UVC germicidal lights enclosed in an anodized
UV reflector to intensify UV rays
The UVC light and CinQuartz® PCO filter decompose organic materials into
basic molecules such as H2O and CO2
Carbon/ Potassium Permanganate Final Filter for removal
of VOC’s and light gases
Motor delivers 250 CFM of air without adding static pressure to the HVAC

Description: Whole House HEPA Air Cleaner; Mfg. #: DMH900; Outflow Duct
Size: 8";
In Duct UV Air Purifier
by Sanovox

For residential, light commercial and commercial applications
Turbolator slows, twists and mixes contaminated air around a proprietary
UV “J” lamp, increasing the time contaminants are exposed to UV light and
maximizing amount of bacteria killed High intensity 19mm quartz germicidal
Aluminum 6" square tube contains and reflects the UV energy back onto the
air Smart voltage ballast automatically switches from 110 to 240V
3" LCD screen displays real-time system status CSA/NRTL certified

Description: Residential/Light Commercial UV Purifier Up To 4,800 Sq. Ft
Video on REME Air
Knight HVAC cell

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