We Do Heat Load Calculations for home owners and HVAC companies, both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL
What used to be a simple form, and often not even required, is now a complex issue. Not just for all new construction
and modifications, but, surprisingly enough, even for an equal change-out of existing equipment, many municipalities
are now requiring this full set of documents. Yes, amazing but true. But don't get upset. We can fulfill this requirement
very inexpensively. In order to fulfill the requirements for the current neccesary heat load calculation requirement for
state and local codes, the new format and forms are a complete and concise set of documents and formulas. They
include drawings, layouts, graphs and formulas. We do offer this complete service for you.

We can complete the forms in order for you to draw your own permits or design your system.

All municipalities now REQUIRE the full heat calculation form for all your walls, windows, doors, ground and flooring,
heat/cool impingement and infiltration, shading, foliage, compactness of area, and all facets of your property.
This includes the types of construction, the methods and thicknesses of walls, the layers of materials and their individual
insulating properties, the direction and locations, the types and properties of all doors and windows and other
impingements, the roof and its properties, and many more.

We can complete the entire set of forms and calculations so you can draw your own permit or design as per the new
federal and state codes.
We can do part or all of the setup and draft of the necessary heat load program and form.

Two ways you can accomplish this:

1) You provide us the necessary information.
        You gather what information and measurements we tell you, or provide a completed set of plans and answer our
        questions. this is very inexpensive.  As cheap as $100 for the entire operation and completed form.

2) If you need us to site survey to gather all measurements and info.
        We send our personnel to your site to gather all pertinent information and measurements.
        The price of this depends on the property, the amount of time involved and how extensive your design build is,
        and the distance traveled.

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see a partial Sample of a real
Heat Load Calculation Form

see a partial Sample of a real
Heat Load Calculation Form