Parts and Supplies
this page has many of those hard to find parts and supplies.

this is only a sample of the many thousands of parts and supplies we carry. if you can not find the part you need listed here, just call or contact us. We strive to please. we carry much in stock, but also have much within easy local reach, so we can fulfill your needs rapidly.

You will find many of the unusual parts can be ordered and shipped in immediately via truck or shuttle, so many items not immediately available or in small limited time, can be brought in without shipping or handling fees, sometimes in a few hours or a day. no waiting time for a delivery.

FILTERS are listed at the bottom. Yes, we can get your "hard to find" filter
available as warranty items or for purchase
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Warranties vary by equipment, up to lifetime compressor and 10 yr unit
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duct and duct fittings
electronics: relays, circut boards, blower controls, sequencers, etc
oil furnace parts
thermostats, humidistats, and controls
as found in most local units
these help in case of the usual electrical blinks and lighting caused interruptions
typical blower relays as found in most of the local air handlers and furnaces
typical double pole contactors as often found or used in 240 volt replacements due to positive shut off for both legs
typical single pole contactors as found often in heat pumps
three pole contactor, commercial applications
Sequencers as commonly found for heat strips
blower wheels, commonly called squirrel cages
fan motors, both condensor and air handlers
small shaft, single flat hub
normal condensor hub, larger shaft, double set screw
typical blade hubs:
appliance fan blades
window / wall unit fan blades
condensor fan blades
fan blades & squirrel cages
typical fan blades for minni-splits
blower relays
control boards
typical time delays
blower motors:

note the open vents for air flow. these can not be used outdoors in condensors or rain will short out the windings.
blower motors commonly have multiple speeds for different air flow volumes for heat versus air conditioning.
condensor motors:

note the sealed chambers for rain protection.
also there is typically drains you open on the bottom side for condensation drainage.
so you should be able to identify the two motors on the picture to the right.

the motor on the left is obviously for a blower indoor use only, while the motor on the right is sealed but also has the pull plugs for condensation drainage, therefore it is a condensor motor. reversible so it can fit univerally in many different units.
this motor, however, is for a pulley used in a large commercial blower unit
old style thermostats

mercury thermostats are now obselete. in fact, you are not allowed to throw out these thermostats, the mercury MUST be recyled as per federal law.
note the small mercury filled bulbs inside these thermostats. these thermostata also had to be level to work properly.
modern digital thermostats.

greatly improved over the old mercury versions
accustat thermostats

these do not have adjustable settings. you have a tube as shown in the pictures below which you place inside. this tube is for ONE tempurature setting. a typical owner, often a business, has a box with an assortment of tubes. the owner picks what temperature tube he/she desires, and inserts in the wall thermostat. then noone else can play or adjust it.

recognize the guuage on the right? it is a humidistat. it tells you the percentage of humidity in the air. it is humidity that often causes mold and smells in a home

the following controls operate your air conditioner by the percentage of humidity in the room.

we reccomend these for people who travel a lot, or have multiple homes, or who live part time here. while they are away, the home is kept dry which deters mold. you would not waste money on the air conditioner running for temperature when you dont need it, it would only run when the home is calling for humidity control.
controls like the emerson in the center is a combination thermostat, humidistat, programmable digital, and can even be purchased with remote internet control.
complete burner kit
spray and nozzle kit
10,000 volt transformer
rebuild kit, includes pump adapter, nozzle and electrodes
spray nozzle
oil pump
gas furnace parts
welded wing blower motor
fan assist
limit switch
low voltage controller board
gas valve
combo fan limit switch
also used in many gas furnaces
these three are primary control units, which include transformer and fire sensor
combo fan limit switch
also used in many oil furnaces
electric heat strips parts
complete heat strip kits
strip rebuild kit
fuse links and thermo couples
heat sequencers
fan and limit switches
galvanized straight pipe
adjustable elbow
custom adapters
rectangluar duct
a whole vareity of sizes and shapes are available
round to rectangle adapters
whole line of 3-1/4 x 10 duct
boots & boxes
roof caps
aluminum T-fin comes in many sizes
usable for ventilation and dryer
flex duct tools
metal duct crimpers
flex duct and duct fittings
we carry an assortment of duct types and name brands.

flex duct comes in different R-factors. R-factor is a rating of insulation surrounding the inner lining.

R-4.2 as what was used for decades is still available,
but R-6 is what code calls for in residential and most commerical applications. it relates to a better insulating, equivelant to the 1-1/2" fibre duct.
modern flex duct helps the ecology as well as keeping your electric bills low.
the old style R-4. which is still available
modern silver flex
modern duct has to be fire rated, which is why the outer shell is made of a fire resistant aluminum coating.
note the much thicker insulation around the duct on the right. this is what R-factor is.
standard starting collar
standard starting collar w/ damper
duct knife
                   duct mastic

commonly reffered to as duct sealer
this comes in both, oil base and latex.
it comes in many namebrands. It is a putty, and goes on easy with a putty knife or smoother. We have found the latex is much better to work with as cleanup is easier.
                black cloth duct tape

used for outdoor mobile duct, which is black in color also. this tape is water resist, but not fire resist. outdoor use or inner lining use only. not to be used on fire-safe wraps or where fire rating is required.

note: there is cheap duct tape available at your local home store, but beware, it is probably VERY thin and tears easy and does NOT have the strength of good commercial duct tape
                grey cloth duct tape

the cheap duct tape most people recognize. but this is NOT legal or safe for indoor ductwork or attic use. It may NOT be used on the outside of fire safe duct wraps.
use is only for inner linings and wrap where fire-safety is NOT needed. remember, this duct it is NOT fire resistant.

note: there is cheap duct tape available at your local home store, but beware, it is probably VERY thin and tears easy and does NOT have the strength of good commercial duct tape.
silver smacna tape

this is quality silver duct tape.
there are many name brands, however this tape MUST have the 181 smacna rating written right on the tape showing the approval and fire safety ratinig.

this is a quality tape, thicker than the junk you can find at the local stores. this tape has a better stick-ability, and in factm the glue on the tape is heat sensitive and the process of rubbng the tape with a plastic/rubber duct smoother heats the tape and makes the glue adhere better. this tape is more expensive than the cheap junk, but seals better, holds better, is fire safe and fire rated, as well as stronger and thicker,

use this tape and you will see the difference. be careful, however, as this tape is sharp edged like a razor blade and if you miss-use it, you may cut your hands. gloves may help until you are experienced.
plain silver duct tape

this tape is plain and does not have any 181 ratings marked on it.
NOT to be used for almost any purpose.
licensed air conditioning personnel use a better quality of silver duct tape with the 181 rating written right on the tape. it MUST have the 181 rating to be legal fire-safe. remember, this duct it is NOT fire resistant.

note: there is cheap duct tape available at your local home store, but beware, it is probably VERY thin and tears easy and does NOT have the strength of good commercial duct tape.
evaporator coils
condensor coils
reversing valves
solenoid coils
tube and wiring presets
automatic pressure switches
sensors and defrost controls
safety resets
EOM parts
hard to find FILTERS
rolled filter media
specialty filters, 4", 5", 6" thicknesses

(sometimes reffered to as annual filters)
metal mesh filters
rebuild kits

filter media for specialty filters
standard 1" and 2" filters
we handle filters in all sizes.
we can get filters in 1" and 2" thicknesses immediately.
we stock many ourselves. many others are local and readily available.
we also can get the 4", 5" and 6" media.
plain filters - non fan-fold
pleated filters
also called fan-fold
if your filter looks like this:

it's time for a new filter.

(way past time actually)
clean vs. dirty
yeah, big difference
and for those that have allergies or mold issues:
we recommend one of the air purification devices.

maybe a hepa filter ?

better yet, maybe an true electronic air cleaner ?

better again, a real air purifier like the REME Air Knight ?

(see all of these on our "Air Purification page")

allergy and mold issues
outdoor / mobile black flex
used outdoors, under mobile homes and houses.
note the outer lining is vinyl water resistant rather than the silver fire resistant attic indoor type shown above. black cloth duct tape is commonly used here.