We are associated with Progress Energy and Duke Energy and have all the forms and abilities to file
your rebate admissions. We also have all the information on your federal energy efficiency rebates
and state rebates as well. When we fulfill a installation that qualifies for any of these rebates, we are
happy to help and complete the pertinent forms for you.

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Warranties vary by equipment, up to lifetime compressor and 10 yr unit
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Also remember, if you want to take chances on warranty and life
span, and electric bills, then you cut more corners. If you want
quality, and safety, and professionalism, you need to use someone
experienced and qualified and dependable like us. What savings is
there for you, if the unit doubles the electric bill due to a non-quality
installation? Or if you lose money in future repairs? Or house
problems when your insurance company turns you down after a
calamity because they find you had a faulty installation?

NOTE: But please don't be fooled by garbage you have heard
or seen on tv or at local home shows. I recently had a woman
ask me if the manufacturer was going to send her a check, or if
she needed to give bank numbers for a direct deposit. huh???
She told me she had just been at the HOME SHOW at
Tropicana, where-as a sales representative at one of the air
conditioning booths had told her there was $3750 in rebates
available. and another sales representative had told her that her
unit would only cost her $2995. (by the way, the particular unit
SHE was interested in actually would have cost her almost six
thousand dollars installed). But she did the math and decided 
YES !!! There are many rebates available! They can be up to
$3750.00 in manufacturer's rebates and up to $350.00 in
Power Company rebates, and some years there is even up
to $1500.00 in Federal tax incentives, and some years there
is also State tax incentives for upgrading your home and
improving efficency.

Currently, from your local energy company, rebates are
usually for 15 seer or above heat pumps, or for 16 seer and
above air conditioners.
There are still rebates for high efficiency equipment going on right now. Some of
the manufacturers offer rebates, but the amount of each, or the requirements
depend on the model and seer of the unit you choose. not all are qualified, limits
may apply. Also the installation has much to do with your approval for rebates.
Ask us for more information.
Also if you upgrade to a heat pump from another heat source such as electric heat strips, there are
rebates for many of them as well.
that if she bought a $2995 unit, with a $3750 rebate, then the company would have to issue her a
check or deposit for the balance of $755. yes, you heard me right. She actually believed this. The
company would pay her to purchase a new air conditioner. And they had informed her, without
seeing her home or lifestyle, that her electric bills would drop so much she would own stock in the
power company. So let me tell you straight. While some units have rebates, they usually are the
more expensive units, NOT the cheapie specials. It is like cars at dealerships. They dont PAY you
to buy. The more you spend, the more incentive you can find. If you are buying a top of the line, with
all the bells and whistles unit, you get more rebates. if you buy a $8000 or $10000  unit, you may
find nice high rebates. but on a "least expensive" unit, don't expect anything. Also be wary of
companies building up false prices just to offer rebates. ITS THE BOTTOM LINE THAT
MATTERS. and even more important, WHO is installing it, and do THEY back the warranty and
equipment. The quality of the COMPANY installing is the important factor.
Please be careful in your choices. you can always talk to us, and ask for information, and references,
and what is involved in a propper and qualified installation. Like I always say - DO IT RIGHT THE
Extension of "25C" Tax Credit
The federal tax credits on qualifying high-efficiency HVAC equipment were extended retroactively for 2012 and through December 31, 2013 by The American Taxpayer Relief Act on 2012.

    • The maximum amount an eligible homeowner may receive in tax credits for "residential energy property" is $500. The cap is on the total amount of credits a homeowner may claim for purchases between 2006 and 2013, not just for 2013. If a homeowner has already claimed credits of $500 or more through this allowance, they will be unable to claim new credits for improvements made during 2013.

    • All furnaces and boilers, whether natural gas, propane or oil, must have an AFUE of 95 or above to be eligible for the credit.

Tax Credit Table
*An advanced main air circulating fan is a fan used in a natural gas, propane, or oil furnace and which has an annual electricity use of no more than 2 percent of the total annual energy use of the furnace.